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Multi Flower Honey - 250 Gms

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Savana pure honey consists of nutritional and therapeutic properties. Known as ‘Madhu’ in Ayurveda, pure honey is useful in treating cough, cold, infections and boosting immunity. It is considered best to consume 1 teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Drinking water or milk with honey at night, promotes sound sleep.

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Savana’s multi flower honey is pure and natural with its medicinal and nutritional properties intact. This NMR tested honey is rich in therapeutic benefits from various herbal flowers whose healing properties are naturally imparted without adding any artificial flavours. Known as ‘Madhu’ in Ayurveda, pure honey is high in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes which play a major role in treating ailments. Ayurveda recommends honey for weak digestion and is also beneficial in maintaining right balance of haemoglobin levels.

  • Boosts immunity
  • Relief from cough, cold
  • Heals wounds quickly
  • Treats respiratory ailments
  • Helps in weight loss

The expert team at Savana ensures that the honey is obtained straight from natural beehives in dense forests. Utmost care is taken to ensure hygienic packaging of honey with its purity and medicinal values intact.

How to use Savana Multi flower honey

It is considered best to consume 1 teaspoon of Savana honey and 1 teaspoon lime juice in a glass of warm water, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This works as a natural energiser and best detox to reduce weight.

Taking 1 tablespoon of Savana honey with ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder helps ease joint pains.

Drinking a glass of lukewarm water with ¼ teaspoon of Savana turmeric, ¼ teaspoon of black pepper powder and 1 tablespoon of Savana Multi flower honey twice a day, provides relief from sore throat, cold, cough and seasonal infections.

Pure honey tends to crystalise. You can reliquefy it by placing the bottle in a wide vessel filled with warm water.

Note: Do not refrigerate honey as it will lead to crystallisation and will turn honey into a solid mass. Honey can be stored in clean and dry cupboard at room temperature.

Do not heat honey as its properties might change and nutritional value will also reduce.

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