• Dheergayuvu’s Savana products are made with 100% natural ingredients and we attempt to be as accurate as possible. However, if the product does not meet the description or in case of any valid reason, your sole remedy is to return it in unused condition. The returned product must be accompanied with verifiable information and reason for return.
  • We are not liable for damage caused to products in transit or by acts of nature.
  • Orders successfully placed cannot be cancelled.
  • Details of the product shipment will be sent to your registered email id.
  • Products cannot be exchanged / returned without a valid reason.
  • In the event of an error in order placement or processing, Dheergayuvu reserves the right to rectify the error and revise the order. If not, the user can cancel the order and obtain refund.
  • Returns / refunds must be received within 10 days from date of delivery.
  • To return any product, quote order number, product name and reason for return.
  • Replacement of product is subject to availability.
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