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Multi Flower Honey - 250 Gms
Savana’s multi flower honey is pure and natural with its medicinal and nutritional properties intact. This NMR tested honey is rich in therapeutic benefits from various herbal flowers whose healing properties are naturally imparted without adding any artificial flavours. Known...
Rs. 250.00
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Ashwagandha - 80 Gms
Savana Ashwagandha powder is prepared from one of the most important Ayurveda herbs known to rejuvenate the body and mind. This is a powerful remedy for treating health conditions such as insomnia, arthritis, low immunity, thyroid, diabetes, infertility. Regular consumption...
Rs. 250.00
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Authentic Turmeric - 100 Gms
Savana cultivates highest curcumin turmeric using natural farming methods. This unique and medicinally rich turmeric comes with 8- 10 % curcumin, the integral part of turmeric which boosts immunity and also has the potential to treat several diseases including cancer....
Rs. 200.00
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